Trail Crews

Trail Crews
Our crews are dedicated to the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of trails.
Trail conference trail crew are made up of volunteers dedicated to the construction and rehabilitation of foot trails in New York and New Jersey
Have you ever wondered how all those magnificent rock steps, bridges, boardwalks, and bog bridges emerged to make your hike more enjoyable? These “luxuries” are the product of thousands of hours of work by our trail crews. Our crews design, construct, and rehabilitate the hiking trails in our region. With plenty of on-the-job training, newcomers feel right at home on our crews. Trail crews usually meet on the weekends, in groups of six to ten persons. These dedicated men and women head off into the woods, armed with high spirits, rugged determination, and the knowhow to accomplish the task at hand. Our crews work as far north as the Catskill Forest Preserve and as far south as the Delaware Water Gap.
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MEVO - 6 miles of hiking trail built
MEVO Trail Crew
New Jersey
RPH Cabin Volunteers - Photo: Tim Messerich
RPH Cabin Volunteers
Taconic Crew - Photo Jerrica Lavooy
Taconic Conservation Corps Trail Crew
East Hudson
Trail Tramps
Precarious Stones - Photo Robert Celestin
West Hudson South Trail Crew
West Jersey Trail Crew
Northwest Jersey
Westchester East Trail Crew
Westchester East Trail Crew
Westchester County Region
Willowemoc Trail Crew
Yorktown Trail Crew
East Hudson Trails