Stonetown Circular Trail Relocated in Ringwood State Park

June 24, 2009
John Mack
John Mack, West Hudson South Trail Chair


Stonetown Circular Trail Relocated in Ringwood State Park



map of relocationTwo relocations have been constructed this spring along the Stonetown Circular Trail in Ringwood, NJ. The first relocation substitutes an attractive footpath for a roadwalk on Burnt Meadow Road between Tory Rocks and the road bridge over Burnt Meadow Brook. The second relocation replaces a walk on an often wet woods road north of Magee Road with a much-improved route along a wooded hillside.

These relocations were made possible through the efforts of Trail Conference members Frank Schoof, Brian Sniatkowski, and Craig Nunn (who helped scout the new routes), as well as Larry May, Cliff Konnerth, Terri Rousseau, Vin Dryer, Chris Connolly, and John Moran (who did the actual construction of the new trail). We also wish to thank the Passaic River Coalition for their kind permission to relocate the trail onto their property.

Click on map for larger image (pdf).  These relocations also appear on the latest 2009 edition of our North Jersey Trails map set, available here!