Indian Head Mountain Loop

Catskill Park

View from Indian Head Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Indian Head Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs nearly 2,000 feet to the summit of Indian Head Mountain, with spectacular views.

42.133827, -74.081967

From the parking area, go back to Platte Clove Road, turn right, and walk along the road for about 750 feet until you see a “Long Path” sign on the left. Enter the woods, heading south on a footpath, and cross Plattekill Creek on a “kingpin” bridge. The Long Path climbs through an attractive evergreen forest, traversing the Platte Clove Preserve of the Catskill Center for Conservation and...

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September 03, 2015
Indian head loop
<p>A very nice loop, and a great introduction (for me) to climbing in the Catskills. &nbsp;I measured the distance as 7.3 miles on my GPS watch. &nbsp;There were two of us, both adults, and we felt the loop could be done in 5 hours or less if one moved along and did not take lengthy breaks. &nbsp;We had a nice viewing of 2 large bear cubs scampering down a nearby tree and then disappearing, to liven up the day. Other than that, very little in the way of wildlife or even birds. &nbsp;The forest was very quiet on our mid-day hike. &nbsp;The description of the hike posted here was very accurate. &nbsp;Great views along the way up and at the summit, such as it is. &nbsp;Hardly any on the way down.</p>
October 08, 2011
great hike!
<p>Did this hike today with the family - or a very similar one. &nbsp;we parked on Prediger Road and did the devil's path / jimmy dolan loop from there instead. trails show signs of a lot of care with much evidence of stone work and corduroy over the many wet patches. a couple of post irine blowdowns still across the trails but nothing that's not easy to bypass. wife and kids made it up the steep scrambles with no complaints, and the views from the overlooks are spectacular. at oct 8 we're probably a week ahead of peak foliage. we detoured to jimmy dolan's notch by following the herd trail behind the sign and enjoyed the view from there too. decent from there was nice and easy. at the car, the GPS read 6.70 miles total for the hike, and we spent a leasurely 6 hour 10 minutes on the trails</p>
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