Hike Reviews

September 19, 2016
Parking Lot
<p>The directions/notes for the hike should read that after your turn onto Dennytown Road, continue until you reach the second dirt parking on the left, the one with the large kiosk. :) I went in that first one also and then kind of figured it was not the right one.&nbsp;</p>
June 22, 2016
Peaceful hike!
<p>Did this hike on Monday and it was peaceful and easy to follow. Can't say anything bad about this hike!</p> <p>When you get to Dennytown Rd, don't turn into the first parking lot like I did. Go down the road a bit and you will then be at the correct parking area.</p>
October 18, 2015
Excellent Thought Clearing Hike
<p>I've done many hikes, but this one was one of the most peaceful that I have done in a while. &nbsp;There is practically no chance of loosing your place on this trail, just follow the red blazes start to finish. &nbsp; It really does wonders for just letting go and enjoying the hike without having to worry whether you missed a blaze or if you where supposed to switch trails.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The fall foliage is amazing and the addded snow shower in the middle of the hike made it that much better. &nbsp;I would definitely reccomend this hike for anyone who wants to experience peace and quiet, is a first time hiker(the terrain is easy, just a few moderate parts) or just wants to tone it down from all those strenous hikes this season.</p>
November 10, 2014
<p>...for the update!</p>
November 09, 2014
Hike description has been corrected
Daniel Chazin
<p>Thanks for pointing out the trail changes that are shown on the new 2014 edition of East Hudson Trails Map 103. &nbsp;The hike description has been updated to reflect the revised configuration of the trails in the area.</p>
November 08, 2014
Hike description requires updating
<p>On the most current version of Map # 103 of the East Hudson Trails map set, published this year, the red-blazed Catfish Loop Trail only exists west of Dennytown Rd., so the 1st two paragraphs of the current hike description no longer make sense. &nbsp;Similarly, the blue-blazed 3 Lakes Trail now begins and ends east of Dennytown Rd., so it should not be included in the loop as described. &nbsp;Essentially, the hike should now begin by crossing Dennytown Rd. and picking up the AT, and then doing the entire Catfish Loop trail in either direction.</p> <p>That said, thanks as always to Daniel Chazin and everyone at the Trail Conference for these wonderful hike descriptions, trail work, and advocacy!</p>
December 30, 2013
Catfish Loop Trail to Moneyhole Mountain Trail
<p>The southernmost point of the Catfish Loop trail comes within a few meters of the yellow Moneyhole Mountain Trail.&nbsp; I would like to follow the Moneyhole Mountain trail north to Indian Brook Road.&nbsp; However going north on the Moneyhole Mountain Trail there are no trespassing and "members only" signs on both sides of the trail.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Is it OK to pass through as long as one stays on the trail - I assume it is since it is a marked trail and is on the official park map.&nbsp; If so, why the no trespassing signs?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Any clarification would be apprreciated.</p>
June 04, 2012
<p>This is a serene hike, rambling through light forest, with a handful of interesting rocky areas along the way. The views&nbsp;from a few vantage points would be better when the leaves are down. Trails are well marked, and the hike is well described in the description.</p> <p>(Note to moderator: the Catfish Loop Trail Register book/log is FULL.)</p>