Hike Reviews

May 14, 2019
Catskill Escarpment South Loop (5/11/2019)
Oodles of parking space. Two clean porta-potties (greatly appreciated after a long drive.) Also a nifty platform to mount ponies. Very peaceful once you hike away from the falls and past the Layman monument. The doggo enjoyed the cliffside breezes and the trickling streams throughout the trail.
January 22, 2015
Don't forget it is winter out there
<p>Trails will be snow covered and icy. Dress warmly in layers and bring proper equipment.</p>
October 16, 2013
Escarpment Trail
<p>This was an absolutely beautiful hike. The trail description was excellent, weather was cool but great, and the views were outstanding!</p>
March 23, 2012
Amazing! Add 2 more miles for Ultra Amazing!!
<P>We did this hike yesterday.&nbsp; At the junction of the red trail and the escarpment trail to Boulder Rock, take the extra mile to Boulder Rock!&nbsp; It's actually .92 I believe and the trail is smooth.&nbsp; The&nbsp; view from Boulder Rock was well worth it!&nbsp; Another .92 back to the junction and you add almost 2 more miles, about 30 minutes (not counting time spent at the rock), and a peace that is unparalleled!</P>
July 10, 2011
Beautiful Hike
<p>I remembered this hike from my childhood and just got a chance to hike it again with my husband this weekend, some 15 years later. The memorable views are still spectacular. We enjoyed the combination of up and downhill sections of the path, not too much of one thing at a time. The instructions here on the trail conference site were easy to follow, but it took us less than 2.5 hours. We saw a few other hikers, relatively few for such a beautiful day. The cliffs are very close to the trail in places, and there was a little mud. Note: after you park, the trail starts on the other side of Schutt Road. Overall a very nice hike.&nbsp;</p>