Hike Reviews

November 13, 2018
In what respect were my directions unclear?
Daniel Chazin
<p>You quote a fairly long excerpt from my description and say that it is unclear and that "the directions could be better."&nbsp; Could you advise in what respect you consider the directions unclear, and how they could be improved?&nbsp; You indicate that you must have made a wrong turn because you hiked 8.1 miles, but you don't say where you made a wrong turn.&nbsp; If my directions are incorrect or unclear, I want to correct or improve them, but you haven't indicated in any way what the problem is.</p> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Daniel Chazin</p>
November 12, 2018
8.1 miles?
So I would agree with one post above that the first part of the hike is bar far the best. The cliffs and rock formations are awesome and the kids really liked that. I am pretty certain we took a wrong turn because we hiked 8.1 miles! I think here is where the directions became unclear: "It then climbs over a low ridge and descends through a rocky area to cross Spring Brook and reach a junction with the White Bar Trail, which comes in from the left. Continue ahead on a woods road, now following both the red-dash-on-white blazes of the Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail and the horizontal white blazes of the White Bar Trail. After passing a marsh to the right, the Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail leaves to the left, but you should continue ahead along the woods road, following the White Bar Trail. After descending through laurel, the White Bar Trail turns right just before reaching Seven Lakes Drive. Take care to follow the horizontal white blazes, which briefly join several woods roads. After proceeding along a narrow woods road, the White Bar Trail again comes near Seven Lakes Drive. Here, the trail bears right and joins the Old Johnsontown Road" I would do the trail again and maybe it was just us but the directions could be better. Also, because of all the rain we've had recently it was a muddy mess so bring your boots! :)
September 12, 2018
Fun rock formations!
A pretty hike with great views and lots of really interesting rock formations along the way!
May 25, 2017
Doug C
<p>Watch out for the surrounding rocks up top of 'Almost Perpendicular' which are great to sit on and soak up the view. A few years back, I went up there. early June, with my dog in the morning and there was a huge rattler sitting right behind me next to the rock in the grass. He let me know that I was intruding.</p>
April 25, 2016
First Half Better Than Second Half
<p>An enjoyable hike that starts strong and finishes easy. &nbsp;The first two miles is interesting with Almost Perpendicular and Claudius Smith Rock. &nbsp;On the way pay close attention to blazes, which are a bit sparse at times. &nbsp;Both features offer panaromic long distance views, and it's easy to imagine Claudius Smith's lookouts scanning the landscape for challengers to their stronghold below. &nbsp;The 'strenuous' portions are steep, but relatively short, and the passage through Elbow Brush is a fascinating encounter with Harriman geology. &nbsp;Be mindful of the blazes and crossing trails at Claudius Smith - I found myself at the base of the rock looking at the 'cave', and then missed the change onto the TMI trail as I wandered around on top.</p> <p>From Claudius Smith Rock the rest of the hike seemed mostly downhill with easy grades and lots of woods road. &nbsp;I would rate the last half as Easy to Moderate. At a slightly faster than average pace with short rests I finished the loop in 3 hours.</p>
June 15, 2014
Fathers Day Hike
<p>A beautiful day and a very nice hike. Got to do this hike with my daughter on Fathers Day. A little challenging at first - some awesome views - and elbow brush was interesting. Easy to follow - great directions. Plan on doing this hike again.</p>
August 28, 2013
Awesome Hike
<p>Did this last week and it might be my new favorite trail in Harriman!</p> <p>Has just about everything you could ask for in a Hike except for Waterfalls.</p> <p>Spectacular views from both the Almost Perpendicular lookout and Claudius Smith Rock.</p> <p>Lots of climbimg and even a minor Scramble.</p> <p>Did not see too many other hikers on the trail.</p> <p>Hope to do this one before the leaves fall from the trees.</p> <p>Thanks for such accurate directions :)</p>
October 13, 2012
Great Day
<p>Really enjoyed this hike. &nbsp;Found it well marked and the written description is great. &nbsp;One note - during the first steep climp, keep an eye out for the hard Right turn, its easy to &nbsp;miss. &nbsp;</p>
May 30, 2011
great hike!
<p>This was a fantastic hike. The description of the route is perfect, and we never felt uncertain about our path. Thanks for the helpful write-up!</p>