Lake Sonoma/Overlook Rock/Manaticut Point Long Loop...

Norvin Green State Forest

View from Overlook Rock - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Overlook Rock - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike goes by Lake Sonoma and climbs to Overlook Rock, Manaticut Point and several other panoramic viewpoints.

41.091128, -74.320867

Between the boulder and the kiosk, a triple black-square-on-yellow blaze marks the start of the Manaticut Spur Trail. Head into the woods on this trail. Soon, you'll cross two branches of a stream on rocks, with several abandoned sections of concrete pipe adjacent to the stream, and pass by a huge fractured rock. A short distance beyond, you’ll cross another stream.

After crossing a...

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November 10, 2023
Hike description has been updated
The hike description has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the blazing of the trails in the area.
Daniel Chazin
November 08, 2023
Hike Description Needs Updating!
I did this hike on 11-7-23, again in the clockwise direction, as I prefer to climb to Manaticut Point early in the hike as opposed to descending it at the end of the hike. The blue blazed trail referenced in the hike description does not exist anymore, you are either on the yellow blazed Manaticut Trail or white blazed Overlook Trail the entire time. Trails are in very good shape overall, but the white trail needs reblazing in both directions between the two power line crossings. This is one of my favorite areas and hikes, and is great one to get away from the crowds.
Michael K7
January 21, 2020
Good hike
Did this hike on 01/20...a cold, clear, winter day . The trail was snow covered but not icy and I never needed to use my snow grippers. Started about about 9am and returned around 3pm. This is a rugged , long hike, especially once you pass West Brook Mt. There are about 6 steep, rocky climbs one after another. Not very high but the snow made for a slow go. The descent from Manaticut Pt. is super steep. Very quiet day, only one set of footprints until the Overlook Trail then only animal tracks. I did see 2 hunting blinds up in the trees, one just passed the power lines and another just before the private pond . Some nice view points.
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