Trail Closure and Renaturalization Workshop

Join this workshop hosted by the Taconic Trail Crew to learn hands-on all about how we can "give back to nature" by properly de-commissioning and re-naturalizing undesirable trail segments.


Join the Taconic Trail Crew on this Trail Closure and Renaturalization Workshop!

Less than a year ago, the center of the photo above was a section of wet, eroding trail that has since been replaced by the more sustainable new route on the right. Today, not only is the old closed trail blocked off, but it is well on its way to being reclaimed by the forest and becoming unnoticeable by the untrained eye.

This rarely happens so quickly on its own, however. Persisting use by determined hikers/riders as well as continuing water impacts can keep "closed" undesirable trails open and continuing to deteriorate long after the blazes are removed. Trail crews resort to specific steps and techniques to ensure successful closure and speed up reclaimation by nature.

For this project you'll be joining the Taconic Trail Crew in Hudson Highlands State Park and learning/employing these skills as part of a re-route project on the Wilkinson Memorial Trail. Work involves excavation, moving sometimes materials like rocks, logs and soil, and transplanting native vegetation.  

Know Before You Go

  • Please wear long pants, sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots and bring plenty of water (at least 2L), snacks, and a lunch.
  • Dress and bring layers appropriate for the weather forecast - work is rain or shine within reason.

Required Forms

  • All volunteers must fill out the online OPRHP Volunteer Form and select "Hudson Highlands State Park" before the work trip.
  • For volunteers under age 18, please submit a Guardian Consent form to [email protected] prior to the volunteer day or bring the paper form the day of. A parent or guardian must be present for the volunteer day.


Thank you to our partners at Subaru for sponsoring this workshop! 

September 30th, 2023 from  8:30 AM to  2:30 PM
Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve - Wilkinson Memorial Trail
Beacon, NY 12508
United States
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Additional workshop information
Level Beginner
Coordinator [email protected]
Instructor Palisades Crew
For more information, contact... Volunteer Team at [email protected] and Crew Leader Alex at [email protected]