Some Roads in Palisades Interstate Park in NJ Remain Closed

September 17, 2021

From the Palisades Interstate Park Commission: 

Active cleanup and repair work is ongoing.

The unprecedented rain event associated with Hurricane Ida caused significant damage in the Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey, especially in the park's riverfront areas. Large amounts of rock and mud were pushed downhill by the rain and spread across roadways and trails, as well as into picnic areas and parking areas. Several paved roads and retaining walls were also badly damaged.

For the safety of both visitors and staff, exercise extra caution when in the park and stay alert for closures and restricted areas!

As of Saturday, October 2, 2021:

  • All hiking trails are now open, but hikers should continue to expect more challenging conditions (debris, fallen trees) than normal.
  • Dyckman Hill Road (Englewood Cliffs park entrance): Roadway is CLOSED TO ALL USE (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians) until further notice.
  • Dyckman Hill hiking trail is open, but hikers must stay on the trail and marked route only — do not enter closed roadway!
  • All riverfront picnic areas and Hazard’s Ramp are now open but may still have closed sections where cleanup work remains ongoing — park visitors must not enter any area that is designated as closed to the public!
  • Henry Hudson Drive from Englewood Picnic Area north to Alpine circle is closed to motor vehicles until further notice. (No vehicle access to Undercliff Picnic Area during this time.)
  • Vehicle access to Ross Dock Picnic Area (including Hazard’s Ramp) and Englewood Picnic Area is from the Edgewater park entrance only.
  • Vehicle access to Alpine Picnic Area is from the Alpine park entrance only.
  • Park areas on the summit (Fort Lee Historic Park, Allison Park, and State Line Lookout) are open.
  • Note that all park areas are likely to fill early on weekends — please plan accordingly!

Conditions in the park are subject to change without notice. Signs or notices placed on-site, or instructions issued by employees of the Park Commission, supersede information posted here or on the Palisades website.

Updates will be posted on the advisory page of the Palisades website. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of our visitors!