ATV Legislation

Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Legislation in New Jersey

2008 to 2023

Unregulated use of off-road vehicles (ORVs), including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and dirtbikes, are major causes of damage to trails and natural open space. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is spearheading efforts for state and local governments to adopt regulations and provide enforcement of responsible use of these vehicles.

Our Position
Movement on the ORV issue is beneficial to all parties. By having restrictions that are more stringent on ORV usage, there will be a stronger focus on safety and responsible use of these vehicles. This will also help maintain trails that many people have spent large amounts of time and energy to create for others to enjoy.

In addition, this push shall make the State see that properly mandated space for ORV usage must be given, so that people may ride freely, without fear of legal or environmental repercussions.

Reporting Illegal Riding
This webpage has more information about the WARN DEP hotline. Using this hotline to report illegal activity you observe is the best way to let Park Police know and consider for further action.


Current Rules
Below is a list of the most relevant rules which apply to illegal ORV use on public lands.

Issue Updates : 




May 23, 2023: Attorney General Issues New Guidance on Enforcing Laws Against Off-Road Vehicles in Parks, Forests, Preserves and on Streets


April 2022: The Fix Our Parks Coalition Identifies Addressing Illegal ORV use as a Top Priority

  • The Fix Our Parks coalition advocacy group, of which the Trail Conference is a member, identifies rampant illegal ORV use as one of the major threats facing public lands in New Jersey. 
  • The report published by the group notes that "A highly significant aspect of illegal ORV activity is that it discourages other users of the parks. Activities such as fishing, hiking, birding, bicycling, hunting, etc., are all reasonably compatible with each other. Illegal ORV activities, on the other hand, introduce a kind of exclusive use; they hamper or even make impossible these other ways of enjoying the land."

July 2021: Fine Increases for Illegal ORV Use on Public Lands

January 11, 2013: NJ's First ATV Park to Open This Month.

January 19, 2010 

As of July 29, 2009

  • S2055 and A823, the registration, identification and enforcement legislation bills moving through the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly respectively, will be up for full votes in both chambers after the November elections.

May 19, 2009:

  • S2055 was reported out of the Senate Environment Commttiee.
  • A823 has been reported out of the required Assembly committees and has been amended on the Assembly floor twice already, so it is ready for a full vote, and will move forward as soon as the Senate version is ready to move to the floor for a full chamber vote.



Talking points: 


- Write to your local legislator about your views on ATV/ORV legislation
- Join our facebook group and share stories of the trails and land you want to preserve
- Email us with your experiences with illegal ATV/ORV usage regarding trails
- And of course, stay tuned to this spot for action alerts.